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A majority of those who attend FOCUS conferences fundraise toward their registration, travel, food, and more, raising enough to cover the costs in part or even in full. The blessing of fundraising is the opportunity to invite others to support you as you strive to take the next step as a leader in the Church. When other family members and friends offer you a donation here and there, they too become partners alongside you in the Great Commission.

Students Involved with FOCUS

For fundraising, your best resource is your campus’ missionary team. Reach out to the missionaries for resources and guidance. They will likely have several fundraising events planned for you and your fellow students as well in the next couple months, so be sure to put those on your calendar.

Students Not Involved with FOCUS

The cost of going to a conference should not be a reason for you not to attend. Students who fundraise typically bring in more than enough to offset the cost. To help you with your fundraising efforts as a student, we’ve designed a fundraising packet with tips, tools, and templates for your use.

SLS18 Fundraising Packet for Students (not involved with FOCUS)


General Attendees

By coming to SLS18, you’re making a personal investment in your faith and leadership skills. Inviting others to support you allows them to also make a personal investment—and you will more than repay their generosity by sharing what you’ve learned with them after the conference. Please feel free to use this fundraising guide designed especially for you to help you make the journey to Chicago.

SLS18 Fundraising Packet for General Attendees

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