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Promotion Kit

Sometimes, an invitation makes all the difference. We’re thrilled to have you join us at SLS18 this January — and we hope that, as you’re preparing to come to the conference, you will also extend an invitation to others who would benefit from this experience.

This promotion kit offers various resources to help you invite other leaders you may know — students, Bible study facilitators, FOCUS alumni, religious education staff, chaplains, religious, RCIA teachers, lay ministers, etc. — to come with you to Chicago.

As the Apostles were inspired by the Spirit to share the good news of Christ at Pentecost, we want our attendees to be transformed in Christ and confirmed in their identity as missionary disciples who accompany others in the walk of faith. At SLS, we hope our attendees will be encouraged to take the next step as leaders and to journey into the deep: “Deeper in Christ, Deeper in Mission.”

Below, you’ll find some resources you can use to let others know about the conference and extend personal invitations. *Please note: These digital resources are provided for you to use at your own expense (or at the expense of your campus account).



  • Print and give them to leaders who register
  • Use them on your own water bottle/laptop/etc. as promotion
  • Make them door prizes at an event
  • Hand them out on campus or in your small group
  • We recommend ordering through When creating a sticker with Sticker Giants, select kiss-cut, square, 3”x3”

Download >

Blank Invitations

  • Hand them out at your Bible study
  • Share with leaders who appreciate that “extra touch”
  • Drop in the mail to your friends and family
  • Slip under the door of a student who likes to make decisions slowly
  • Share with your co-workers or boss
  • Either take postcard file to a printer or use an online printing service. The postcard is 4”x6” and should be printed with full-bleed.

Download >


  • Blank space included to write a personalized message or further event details
  • Hang copies in the campus center, Church bulletin board, workspace gathering area, etc.
  • Print copies at letter-size and use as full-page invitations
  • Send to other leaders you know: mission partners, friends, parents, children, etc.


If you have additional questions regarding these resources, please reach out to Brittany at [email protected].

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