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We are called to make disciples of all nations — but before we can evangelize the world, we must evangelize those closest to home.

Come join FOCUS alumni, parishioners, parish staff, professionals, and many other members of the Church to learn how to share the story of salvation and Christ’s message of love in the places you live, work, serve, and worship.


Day Pass*: $120

Night Pass*: $40

Commuter*: $559

Shared/Quad: $699

*Day pass, night pass and commuter pass do not include housing.


A majority of our conference attendees fundraise toward their registration, travel costs, food, and more, raising enough to cover their conference pass in part or even in full.

Why should I find partners to send me to SLS18?
SLS18 has the potential to transform not only you into a missionary disciple of Jesus Christ, but also your parish into a beacon of hope and place of encounter with Christ’s grace.

Parishioners have found that partnerships work the best in getting them to conference, regardless of financial obstacles:

Step 1: The appeal
To whom can you reach out?

  • Your parish
  • Your pastor
  • Pastoral or finance councils
  • Parish organizations
  • Young adult minister
  • (Arch)diocese evangelization/young adult department

You can ask them for full or partial funds (these gifts will not be tax-deductible). Remember, the effects of this conference will extend far beyond you; you will be an instrument of transformation in your parish! Pastors and church leaders will be happy to make this strategic investment.

Step 2: Follow up after SLS18

  • Send thank you notes to all who donated
    • Meet with the pastor/diocese leader to share what you learned
    • Meet with staff and key parishioners to share the material from SLS18

To assist your fundraising efforts, please feel free to download this SLS18 fundraising packet, which includes useful partnership tips, template letters, and more.

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Lifelong Mission Group Discount

Are you planning on bringing a group to SLS18? If so, we have great news: We are offering a group discount for General Admission Attendees!

Group Size Discount
5 – 30 people 15% off registration
30 or more people 20% off registration

This Lifelong Mission Group Discount applies to all members of your group (e.g., if you bring ten General Admission registrations to SLS18 with you, each of you would receive the 15% off). However, only General Admission registrations count towards the group size and are eligible for the discount. (Also, the discount cannot be applied to commuter or day pass registrations.) This discount cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers.

To find out how to get your group discount, please contact us for more information.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to give up your spot at SLS for whatever reason, here is our cancellation policy.

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